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Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching   

(Private coaching for men, women and couples)

Intimacy can't be learned from a book or merely talking on a couch with a therapist.

It's learned by listening to your body and by sharing an authentic connection with a someone who knows how to support and guide you through intimacy exercises, sensual touch and sexual education.

being present

enhancing polarity

touching and being touched

giving and receiving

asking for what you want

These aren't just "touchy/feely" ideas, they are the cornerstones to physical intimacy that are not taught to us when we set out to discover the mysterious world of sex and relationships. Most of us learned about sex from friends or porn, neither of which had much to do with your reality. In fact, most of us go through life sticking to old ways of relating and sexing that we formed in our early years, suspecting it could be better but not knowing how to get there.  It's never too late to start learning about what makes for a deeply passionate love life. Things like...

  • the nuance of touch and how to build passion with just your hands 
  • how to master your erections and orgasms for maximum pleasure
  • how to be present and in your body with a lover, so they can relax and be in theirs. 
  • how to know what you want and ask for it in a way that is heard and accepted.
  • how to share and talk to your partner about sex openly and honestly. 
  • how to read your partner's shifting desires and lovingly guide them from no to YES. 
  • how to use your words to seduce and turn your partner on.
  • how to navigate the treacherous waters of relationship conflict with safety and connection

These are subjects you won't find on any high school curriculum (and how very sad that is). 

And you won't learn these things from a book or talking on a therapist's couch. 

 Sexual connections with partners are lost because we haven't learned, or we've forgotten how to talk about sex in a straightforward, unselfconscious way. It doesn't have to be this way and it's never too late to change it.

I've met so many women who avoid sex because they don't like how their partner touches them and they don't know how to ask for something different. And men often find it so difficult to receive that they end up compensating by over-giving. This self-imposed expectation that they have to be the one to lead the woman in an intimate encounter leaves them and their partners experiencing only half of the pleasure that comes with a balanced exchange of giving and receiving. The old ideas of gender roles and responsibilities in the bedroom is thankfully being left behind and replaced with more passionate, authentic and fun ways of being with your lover.

As a trained sex coach who teaches individuals and couples about sex, touch, and connection, I have been deeply moved by the changes my coaching clients have experienced through learning sex and  intimacy skills they were never taught or had modeled for them. Once understood and experienced, patterns and habits that deaden sexual and sensual enjoyment can be changed, opening up doors to confidence and communication that deepen relationships, not only in the bedroom but in every part of your life with your partner. Once those doors are opened. You'll never want to close them again.

Allow me to teach you and show you how to take the mystery out of being an amazing lover. I do this within a safe and professional exchange. I am not a sexual surrogate or escort. Our coaching sessions are clothed and can include mutual touch with feedback and loving support. This nurturing experience builds trust and safety to be yourself and feel how attraction and erotic connection work in your body. Our time together will help you discover the pleasure and confidence that comes with being a sensual lover and how to draw out the same in your partner. Sharing stories, fantasies, learning what turns you on, asking for what you want, all expand your sexual horizons to include more pleasure and deeper intimacy with your partner (or partners to be).

This body-based (somatic) method of working with sex and intimacy issues is cutting edge in the sex therapy world. Very few methods offer this kind of hands-on, in-body therapeutic approach. Sex may start as a thought but your body is in the driver's seat. I will show you how to let your body get you where you want to go.

If you're not happy with your sex and intimate life, let me show you how to change that. You'll be happy you did. Come and see me on your own or with your partner. Either way, your sex life will only get better and better.

Coaching sessions (75-90 mins) - $250   415-322-9118