The desire for pleasure and connection 
is alive in every living being. 
Experiencing it fills a deep longing, 
and makes right everything in life.


Touch  * Training * Coaching * 

 "Jaya provided an escape like no other. The ambiance, her touch, and her wisdom are without equal."

"There are few people in the world today who are really tuned into others as Jaya is, and who are as totally present with you in the moment. Don't miss this experience!"

"Jaya is both elegant and beautiful. She embodies the qualities of the type of woman I want to attract into my life.

Who better to learn from?" 

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Please visit my massage page to learn about my Sensation Meditation Massage sessions -- a completely unique touch experience you won't find anywhere else. Combining Tantric touch along with Kink lite, you will be taken on a sensual journey that will leave you with a stress-free body and a crystal clear mind. 


I take great pleasure in training my clients with knowledge and skills that empower their sex lives. Visit my coaching/training page to see more about Dominance/Submission training and Sensual Massage training. 


Learning to be a better lover starts with knowing how to be intimate, how to listen, how to touch, how to give, how to receive and how to create passion in the bedroom.

Somantic Sex Coaching gives you these skills. We will share an authentic connection in a safe and nurturing space that will help you... 

  • learn to cultivate deeper intimacy with your lover
  • create sexual polarity
  • enhance sexual embodiment and erection control
  • understand your body's arousal patterns
  • use breath and movement to master and heighten your orgasms 

If you haven't experienced sex coaching before and want to know more, call at 415-322-9118 me with your questions, and visit my coaching/training page. I'm happy to help you explore how this cutting edge model of coaching can enhance your sexual/sensual life.

Certified in both massage and coaching, I have been sharing these services of touch and connection for over well over a decade now and have gained a reputation as one of the best and most trusted provider/coaches in the Bay Area. Allow me to serve as your confidant and your therapist. As one of my clients recently told me...

"My life is full of loving people but I don't have anyone I can speak to about such personal things so confidentially and free of judgement. Jaya understands who I am and meets me there."

Please see my massage page and my coaching/training page on this site for more information about these services.

I see a limited number of clients per week, which allows me to bring you quality time, presence and energy.


Let's start with a conversation by phone and talk about what you're needing and how I can serve you in meeting your goals of sexual knowledge and sensual embodiment.

Please note that I am not a sexual surrogate and do not engage in sex acts of any kind  with my clients. My massage and somatic coaching sessions are body based in the sense that we will be using your body to learn about arousal, intimacy and touch in experiences that will help you grow into a confident and empowered lover and partner.

You may enjoy reading my praise page to help guide you in your decision to be in touch with me.

Please read this website fully, and call me with any questions.     415-322-9118