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Sensation Meditation Massage

The Exquisite Combining of Tantra and  Kink

"Jaya is both beautiful and sensual. Her magic hands take you on a journey

of sensation that is out of this world."

Sensation Meditation
Sensation Meditation massage has been born out of a decade
of CMT massage sessions and refined into a beautiful array of touch
experiences that will both calm your mind,
light up your brain and alter your state of awareness.
A t
easingly delicious sensory experience that invokes a deep state of trance, cleansing your
​body and mind of stress, anxiety, and chronic thinking.
I guarantee, there's nothing else quite like it.

"I've always turned to massage for relaxation and stress relief, but this took me completely out of my head and into my body. Every moment was pure awareness. For me that was a first!"


Every moment with me is about your experience of receiving feminine connection and touch. How I touch you is our discovery together on that day. Our bodies are always changing and growing in how they receive pleasure and our brain's pleasure centers can literally be rewired through new experiences. As a Certified Kink Educator and a master of sensuality, I encourage your ongoing exploration and I am happy to be your guide into a new and exciting landscape of bodily pleasure.


My Sensation Meditation sessionintroduces you to a delicious variety of sensations that will be designed for your unique experience. When we meet we'll talk about what delightful items on the menu for you to explore and enjoy.

Tantic touch and breath will delight and open your body to pleasure

Sensory deprivation light restraints, playful impact, relaxing suspension will guide your awareness into the present moment and the extremely welcome state of letting go of control.

Delicious explorations of light and loving kink will initiate a deep and focused state of bodily awareness.

Long sensuous strokes of an Esalen massage will relax your tired muscles with a nurturing and loving touch. 

Sensation Meditation is seamless journey of bodily awareness laced with a teasing sensuality, heightened awareness and feminine mystique.


Touch in all it's variety creates states of heightened pleasure as well as the extended release of the hormone Oxytocin. Let me guide you in extending "nature's love drug" by using your breath to direct and circulate this blissful energy throughout your entire body. As you surrender into your pleasure you will receive all the health benefits and stress relief that come from this bodily state of extended excitement, focused attention and physical rejuvenation.


My Sensation Meditation sessions also offers the unique experience of Brain Entrainment Technology using sound and light to create deep states of peaceful relaxation. As it's own form of sensory control, this technology will heightened the pleasure of touch while leaving your body and mind in a state of peace and crystal clarity.

I do not offer nudity in my sessions and your experience is one of complete surrender.
​Hand over the reigns to a woman who knows how to take control :) You won't regret it!

You will find your time with me a completely unique experience of feminine connection and
bodily pleasure in an exotic and cozy sanctuary. A most effective "reset" button for an over-extended mind.

I offer a limited number of Sensation Meditation sessions per week

in addition to my Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching sessions.

This allows me to bring you quality time, presence and focused energy.  

Please book in advance so you can be assured of the time and day you prefer.

Let's say hello by phone. You can reach me at 415-322-9118. 

Your 90 minute Sensation Meditation session $390

I look forward to your company.

Uniquely yours,


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