​"I called Jaya about her coaching services and after

15 mins. on the phone I  knew that she was someone who could help me pinpoint where I felt stuck in my life. 

I've never experienced therapy like this. It was like she took my hand and walked me through the landmine of emotions I had around my sexuality. It occurred to me that I've never spoken to anyone about that part of my life in such an honest way. I've learned now to talk to my partner like that. It's opened up a whole new way of living my life as a sexual man. I'm very grateful."

L.D. San Fran


I initially came to Jaya because I wanted to feel closer to my partner and thought I could learn some things to help her open up, and what Jaya taught me really helped, but the intimacy skills I learned have made a huge difference in my relationship with my kids. They apply to any relationship really. But my whole family is loving the changes they're seeing in me. Funny, I thought it was their problem, not mine. 

A.L. Santa Rosa


"It'd been a while since my wife and I had sex. My birthday was coming up and I was nervous about knowing she'd feel obligated. Jaya helped me feel my desire to have sex with my wife again. She even taught me how to talk dirty, something I've been very shy about doing. Practicing these things beforehand gave me so much more confidence. Crazy. I was nervous about having sex with my wife! Jaya had some amazing insights and made my birthday so much more fun and passionate."  

B.D. San Fran


"I wasn't sure what Somatic sex therapy was when I first started working with Jaya and now can't imagine any other kind of sex therapy I would want to do. Jaya is the perfect woman to help you learn about yourself and your relationship to women. She's sexy, empathetic and a deep listener. She's taught me things about myself that have changed how I am with my partner in deep and meaningful ways. I thank her, and my partner thanks her too!"  

S.H. San Anselmo


"Jaya welcomed me with a very calming hug and instantly made me feel as if I had known her for years. She transmits that energy throughout her coaching and her touch - what an incredible gift. "  

R.D. San Fran  


"My sexual liberation started a few years ago with a men's group. I learned how to talk openly about my life with other men. Seeing Jaya has been an extension of that just by being able to talk about my sexuality with someone who know doesn't judge me. Jaya has shown me how to let go of what's not working, (and never has worked) and learn relationship skills that have changed women's experience of me."

 C.L. Berkeley


Jaya is one of those rare women who makes you feel completely cared for. I had no idea where the coaching was going to take me, and she lead the way into many ah-ha moments that were powerful to say the least. She knows her stuff. And I feel like I've finally found an ally in this crazy world of man-woman relationships.

 J.R. Mill Valley



Sensation Meditation Massage  

"Just when I think I've experienced everything, I met Jaya who blew me away with her Sensation Meditation experience. I walked in feeling burdened with life and floated out on a cloud. "

"I have to say that anyone who can take me to a point of simultaneous ecstasy and total relaxation gets top marks in my book. I so enjoyed my time with Jaya that I was at a loss for words during the session.  I will certainly be back to see her again for my 2nd, 3rd etc  "

"Jaya is a very special person. Her aura and positive energy immediately create a very trusting and warm cocoon which instantly melts away any stress. She is a master at reading the nuances of body language while sharing her energy and reinforcing her client's energy flow. She intimately knows the power of touch and she uses it to take her clients on what can only be described as a fantastic journey. There are few people in the world today who are really tuned into others as she is, and who are as totally present with you in the moment. Don't miss this experience!"


"I've had the great privilege and pleasure to have enjoyed Jaya company many times on my trips to the Bay Area. Her office is a short stroll from town, where she has created an oasis of calm with soft lighting and ambiance to instantly relax you on arrival.

Her ability to be present and listen to you,  to read your body and respond to what you're needing is her special gift. She is generous in her energy and time while maintaining a beautiful level of presence and focus.

My only regret is that I don't live in the Bay Area."


 "Jaya has crafted an amazing getaway in the middle of the redwoods in which the stresses of the real world disappear and I'm engulfed in her nurturing cocoon. Towards the end of our last session I fell asleep on the table while she continued her long, sensual strokes. Waking up in the sublime environment with this perfect goddess smiling down at me was pure joy. "


"I have had the fortune of having good massages from CMT's all over the world and they have nothing on Jaya. She was able to isolate and release tension in my back and neck with ease. It would be a very good idea for every other CMT to measure themselves by the high bar set by this amazing woman."


" Jaya makes you feel totally at ease in her coaching sessions. She gives an outstanding massage in a private setting that is amazing. Her studio sets a beautifully relaxing mood. I have seen Jaya for many years now. With every visit I feel like I am seeing a very good friend."


  "Jaya provided an escape like no other. The ambiance, her touch and demeanor are without equal. An incredible sensory  massage experience.  She's a true professional that brings her art to a higher level through her coaching and her touch. "


"I've seen Jaya multiple times since my last testimonial, but if I wrote something every time I saw this amazing woman it would look like I'm addicted to her." Because I kind of am...