I take great pleasure in training my clients with knowledge and skills that empower their sex lives. Visit my coaching/training page to see more about Dominance/Submission training and Sensation Meditation Massage training. 


Learning to be a better lover starts with knowing how to be intimate, how to listen, how to touch, how to give, how to receive and how to create passion in the bedroom.

Somantic Sex Coaching gives you these skills. We will share an authentic connection in a safe and nurturing space that will help you... 

  • learn to cultivate deeper intimacy with your lover
  • create sexual polarity
  • enhance sexual embodiment and erection control
  • understand your body's arousal patterns
  • use breath and movement to master and heighten your orgasms 

If you haven't experienced sex coaching before and want to know more, call at XXXXXX me with your questions, and visit my coaching/training page. I'm happy to help you explore how this cutting edge model of coaching can enhance your sexual/sensual life.

"My life is full of loving people but I don't have anyone I can speak to about such personal things so confidentially and free of judgement. Jaya understands who I am and meets me there."